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Let us Help develop your App

An app developed in collaboration with Time Traveler Tours guarantees that an engaging narrative and purpose is presented to the user, and the institution for which the app is developed for. We design apps that are perfect for offline use for locations without a Wi-Fi signal that use story to spark engagement.

We like to develop our apps for long term use. For city-tours, traveling exhibitions, or permanent exhibits, a TTT app is simple to launch, to teach, and to bring together what we believe is at the core of learning: Play. Take a look at the app that started it all, "Buried Alive: The Secret Michelangelo Took to his Grave"

Let's Talk Chatbots Together

Text-messaging games, TTT-style, are pre-scripted branching narratives and treasure hunts that promote learning through playful engagement.  Users are guided through a place by a series of prompts, leading to choices that engage them in a dynamic way, using a behavior and media now familiar to anyone with a smartphone.

Text-messaging games are perfect for team-building, enlivening and enriching events and exhibits, and for highlighting the stories hiding in plain sight at natural and historical locations. They are faster and less expensive to develop than apps and they are friction-free for the user -- no more messy downloads. They can also play a part in crafting the entire visitor journey, from pulling them to your location, to enhancing their experience while there, to bringing them back at a later date.

To best understand how chatbots can help you, subscribe to the chatbot helping parents, cultural leaders, and teachers around the globe: Chatbot link

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