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At Time Traveler Tours & Tales,
we are revolutionizing the discovery of history
by bringing the very best in immersive nonfiction storytelling,
coupled with a heavy dose of educational play,
to the mobile and tablet formats.

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Our first title, Beware Madame la Guillotine, is now ready for your review with the exciting addition of our DRAMATICALLY NEW complementary Curriculum Handbook, by Marcie Colleen.

Just as our eponymous mobile StoryApp animates the streets of Paris for educational travelers, so the Beware Madame La Guillotine Curriculum Handbook energizes school curricula by bringing to life, within the classroom walls, Paris during the French Revolution.

It's perfect for use in history, social studies, English language arts, and dramatic arts classrooms.

The only travel necessary is through imagination and exploration.

Using engaging, hands-on techniques in concert with Sarah's interactive book, Marcie’s innovative drama-based Curriculum aids learning communities in creating a full sensory classroom experience through improvised dramas and discussions, while simultaneously stressing reading, writing, and research skills.

The Beware Madame La Guillotine Curriculum Handbook emphasizes teamwork as well as independent learning, using a variety of tools and technologies. It builds space for necessary reflection, empathy, and self-investigation, and motivates students to make cross-curricular connections.

It also offers teachers across the disciplines
an ideal opportunity for collaboration.

The Beware Madame la Guillotine Curriculum Guide is aligned with the US Common Core States Standards, as well as the IBO Middle Years Programme. Its innovative methodology targets all learning styles and approaches.

Language and activity rich, it enables students to experience first-hand a seminal moment in human history, making history Personal, Relevant, and Real.

We. Make. History. Fun.

We hope your students, and you, will enjoy traveling back through time with our complementary interactive book and curriculum to the French Revolution. Because this is only the first!

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