TIME TRAVELER TOURS one of 42 UK-based Human Technology Startups to earn a place at PITCH@PALACE 7.0 BootCamp


hosted by HRH The Duke of York, KG
The University of Nottingham
Wednesday 15 March 2017

Now Poised to Win the People's Choice Award!

Nottingham, UK (March 15, 2017)—Sarah Towle pitched today at the prestigious Pitch@Palace BootCamp at The University of Nottingham on behalf of her edTech startup Time Traveler Tours. A mashup of Horrible Histories and Pokémon Go, Time Traveler Tours are story-driven interactive treasure hunts to historic places enhanced with gamification and augmented reality.

Pitch@Palace was founded by the Duke of York in 2014 to support entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas by connecting them with potential supporters, including CEOs, Angels, Mentors and key business partners. Towle's company was one of 42 to win a spot among the hundreds of UK startups that applied.

This exceptional endorsement came with TTT on the verge of launching its newest mobile story tour, Buried Alive: the Secret Michelangelo Took to His Grave, which takes you to Florence at the height of the Renaissance in the company of Michelangelo.

P@P explored the theme Human Tech this year, backing young companies that explore the potential impact of technology in our everyday lives – focusing on three areas:

1.    Tech supporting our everyday needs – our Health, our Education, our Environment.

2.    Tech making our lives more efficient – Connecting up our homes via the Internet of Things, Improving our Communications, Wearable Tech, and Robotics.

3.    Tech augmenting our experience of the world – through Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.“I was thrilled and honoured that Time Traveler Tours was selected,” said Sarah Towle, TTT co-founder. “Not only does it give our concept credibility but offers us a great opportunity to accelerate our fledgling company.”

Next up, Time Traveler Tours will compete amongst the other 41 startups for the Pitch@Palace People’s Vote. The vote will be based around a 1-minute Pitch video that was filmed at Boot Camp. “A vote for Time Traveler Tours is your vote to #TurnHistoryOn,” says Towle.

Cast your vote for Time Traveler Tours here.

The Duke of York said: “I am very grateful to the University of Nottingham for hosting what will no doubt be an exciting Pitch@Palace Boot Camp. Boot Camp is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to perfect their pitching skills and learn from some real experts. It is another phase in the work up towards the final at St James's Palace in April, 2017.   I really look forward to visiting Nottingham once again.” 


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