Launch Team Update #3 -- May 4, 2015

We’re now two weeks away and counting...

Counting the weeks. Counting the days.
Counting all the things still left to do!!

The Goliaths we felled last week were many:

Candy Gourlay completed a rough cut of the campaign video. Now we know where the holes are. It’s my job this week to fill them in.

The tricky thing about communicating a message is that you know it so well, it’s all too easy to assume your audience knows it too. As a result, you forget to mention the most basic, fundamental things.

So while I’d hoped to share that with you this week, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until  I get back into the studio.

Just know this: it’s gonna be good.

David is coming! David is coming! It's confirmed! David will be present at both London and New York parties in the form of a 7’3” cardboard cut out (shown left) that will then be auctioned off or given away as a prize. We haven’t decided which yet :)

We started our Kickstarter campaign page. You probably read about that here. We began with the rewards, listing them and giving them each a value. What we discovered is both good news and bad:

We have too many!

How can that be bad news, you ask? Well, it isn't really. The generosity of our community has been both astounding and gratifying! And we're loathe to turn down a single offer from a TTT&T Team member, supporter, or friend.

But it turns out you can overwhelm your potential backers: if you offer too much choice, they may bounce. So we’re going to start with certain rewards and keep adding them as the campaign grows long. Which turns out to be a sound strategy, especially if we get to our goal mid-way through the campaign -- oh please, oh please, oh please, yes please -- because at that point, adding new rewards can breathe fresh air into a campaign, encouraging new participation as we set our sights on stretch goals.

Stay tuned for more tips on "rocking your rewards" in this Friday's newsletter.

We have a new member at Team TTT&T! Deb Shaprio joins our merry band to help us with press relations, blog tour, and a month + of swipe copy. The idea is that we will be seeking out new audiences to speak to throughout the four weeks of our campaign, and before. We don't want to bug anyone too often. But we do need to stay top of mind everywhere as we work our way throughout the sectors and around the world.

Please join me in welcoming Deb to Team TTT&T! Jump on over to the website here to get to know her a little better.

Paris and London Launch Party invitations are out! We now have four confirmed live parties – NY, Paris, Nice, London – and we’re still hoping to secure a location in Florence. The New York event will be live-streamed, so you can participate for anywhere in the world -- even in your pajamas. We'll be joined there by three incredible industry leaders:

  • Betsy Bird, Children’s Librarian, New York Public Library, Author, and Reviewer

  • Frank Migliorelli, Director of Digital Experience, New York Public Library, and Interaction Design Specialist

  • Rocco Staino, Contributing Editor for School Library Journal, Director of the Empire State Center for the Book, and host of StoryMakers on KidLit TV.

They join me and Team TTT&T on May 19 at KidLit TV to discuss the power of story... no matter the format!

Sarah to be interviewed by Rocco Staino at the Metropolitan Museum!
That’s right! Our fabulous friends and launch supporters at KidLit TV proposed doing an interview with me at the Met with Michelangelo’s statue, The Young Archer. So we asked our buddies at the Met and they agreed! That’s going to happen next Tuesday, 12 May.

Stay tuned for an exclusive preview.

What else?
Oh, yeah, I’ve now stepped across the pond, taking me one step closer to our NY kick-off. I am now Stateside and getting over my jet-lag in anticipation of my big interview with Rocco next Tuesday. I am now in Nashville, TN, heading to NYC on Friday.

Catch me if you can!

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