Launch Team Update #4 -- May 12, 2015

We're heading into the final stretch.
So why am I so calm? Because I've got you all on my side, that's why!

You'll never guess where I was yesterday: At Kickstarter HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Dan, Emma, Deb, and I all trucked out there and I'm here to tell you, the rumors are true: It has the most amazing rooftop terrace.

Think: New York High Line, complete with edible plant garden.

My favorite indoor space was the library with faux bear rug. That's probably where I would pass day if I worked at Kickstarter. And how lovely to see a work environment with a theater, gallery, bike room, and "diner."

We were there to meet with Publishing Community Manager, Margot Atwell. She gave us a few final pre-launch tips and pointers.

It was like being in a pre-kickoff huddle with our coach, though without helmets and shoulder pads.

Thank you Margot for your generosity of spirit and time.
We aim to make you proud!

In other news:
We welcome many new Launch Team members this week!

Those who have donated great rewards:
Thank you Marcie, Bridget, Julie, and Jeanne!

Those who have given generously of their time and expertise:
Thank you Kelly, Larkin, Michael, Ian, and Audrey!

And those who have promised a campaign contribution!
We are now up to $12,350 in promised pledges!
I had hoped to get to $10K by launch day. Now I'm thrilled to announce that we've surpassed that goal and with still a week to go!

Pledgers, I will be in touch in the coming week with instructions for
getting our campaign up and running with a bang!

Finally, look what Roxie Munro sent me yesterday. Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it beautiful? She'll be painting it today.

It's going to be titled:

Pianta di Firenze

It will be the map inside Mary's StoryApp Tour of Renaissance Florence:

in the footsteps of giants

It's also be available to the campaign as the following rewards:

Painted Original - $5000
B&W Original - $1000
Limited Edition Print of Painted Original - $500
Limited Edition Print of B&W Original - $250

Grazie Mille, Roxie!!!

On behalf of everyone at Team TTT&T, Grazie Tanti for your enthusiastic support!

Now strap yourselves in. It's going to be quite the ride!

Get ready for our big reveal this Friday: The Final Campaign Goal. And Why.

Don't forget to RSVP for our live and live-streamed launch event on May 19th!

With gratitude,




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