Millicent Barty


Millicent Barty is on a mission to bridge social cleavages in her native Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. An advocate for youth and women, she’s educating and empowering underprivileged women and youth through traditional storytelling.

Millicent is the founder of Kastom Story Time, which aims to preserve storytelling traditions and pass on national stories to younger generations through oral and pictorial techniques. In a country where only 17% of the adult population is literate, and where over 82 different dialects exist across 900 islands, access to knowledge is a major barrier for her fellow citizens.

Millicent does not agree that individuals should be limited from political participation due to their literacy level. She believes that design provides a great tool to both to acquire and disseminate information.

Her work includes translating political pledges and ideas into information-graphics to ensure that marginalized groups can engage in the electoral process and shift the role of women in Indonesian politics.

Combining oral storytelling and design, Millicent educates her community on the potent social and political issues facing them. A 2018 Queens Young Leaders award recipient, she has been involved in community projects to benefit the poor all her life. We honor her as a #HistoryHero because of her dedication to changing others’ lives for the better.

My hope is a progressive future where sons and daughters are equally encouraged to develop their personal, educational and professional goals on a level playing field.
— Millicent Barty

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