Malavika Kannan & The Homegirl Project

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History isn’t something that is stuck in dusty books. It’s happening right now and young #changemakers are busy getting it done. That's why we've added a young #changemakers segment to the History Hero BLAST…

Storytelling is their game. Empowerment is their aim! Meet Malavika Kannan, a 17-year-old writer, social entrepreneur, activist, and relentless advocate for empowerment. She’s the Founder & CEO of the Homegirl Project which is dedicated to empowering women of color (WOC) — one story at a time.

Now, this mission resonates strongly with us, because it’s also the goal of the #HistoryHeroBLAST. By putting the Story back in History, we highlight the contributions of humanity’s most inspirational characters, past and present. By illuminating the women who have changed — or are changing — the world, the Homegirl Project is reclaiming the narrative for extraordinary women and girls of color.

The Homegirl Project team — 42 members strong at the time of this writing and growing all the time — interviews distinguished WOC, because they believe that lessons are best learned from those who have lived them. “You can't be what you can't see,” their website states.

In addition to highlighting inspirational WOC, they host conversation series, including Gun Violence In Color, Homegirls In Power, and Homegirl Youth, which celebrates young changemakers. In 2019, they launched Homegirl Ambassadors — an online, intergenerational mentorship program for the Homegirl Project community.

Malavika and her ambassadors harness the age-old tradition of intergenerational storytelling between women. But using digital tools, they've developed an international WOC collective that spans the globe in record time. We have no doubt that the future of the project is bright - and we can’t wait to see it.

In a world that profits from oppressing women of color, we believe that acts of solidarity are acts of revolution.
— The Homegirl Project

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