Leanne Armitage


One day, as Leanne Armitage was returning home, she was deafened by a bizarre sound for central London: helicopter propellers overhead. Someone at her housing estate had been stabbed and the emergency medics were coming in for a landing on the lawn in front of the crowded multi-story building. It turned out to be a turning point for Leanne.

Right then and there, Leanne made a commitment to becoming a trauma surgeon. She wanted to be one of the people doing something to help, not just standing by watching. Now, in addition to training to become a doctor, Leanne is working to inspire disadvantaged youth to enter the world of medicine.

As founder of Leanne’s Amazing Medics, she introduces students to medics from similar socio-economic backgrounds who provide a realistic understanding about what the medical field entails. Leanne also leads the Aleto Foundation’s Medical Mastermind Group, which aims to aid the personal and professional development of medical and science students, thus bolstering their self-confidence.

As a medical professional, Leanne is now helping people in need of care as well as changing mindsets by inspiring young people to reach their full potential. Her story proves that no one need be limited or restricted by their background. Little wonder that Leanne joined the Queens Young Leaders network of 240 awardees, representing 53 countries in 2018!

My story demonstrates that you do not have to be limited or restricted by your background.
— Leanne Armitage

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