Jordan "Just Right" Reeves


History isn’t something that is stuck in dusty books. It’s happening right now and young #changemakers are busy getting it done. That's why we've added a young #changemakers segment to the History Hero BLAST…

Jordan Reeves is out to create a world where people don’t notice differences first. She wants to be judged on the content of her character not on the fact that she’s was born with a left arm that stops just below her elbow. She wants to be seen for who she is, not what she isn't. Because she believes she was born “just right.” And she wants other "limb different" kids to see themselves as just right as well.

Though only 13 years old, Jordan has already made a huge impact on her community. She petitioned the American Girl Doll company to create limb different dolls. Under their “truly me” program, they make dolls without hair for kids undergoing chemo, or girls wearing glasses, or sporting crutches. Why not offer dolls without limbs?

As of this writing, they haven't. But Jordan discovered A Step Ahead Prosthetics, which will recreate your American Girl doll to match your body; A Doll Like Me, which makes dolls from scratch to look like you; and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company that makes limb different teddies. But Jordan continues to maintain that a company as big and successful as the American Doll Company ought to reflect diversity in all its many guises.

Jordan has had many prosthetic arms. Currently, she’s taking a break from all but the one she created: a 3D-printed forearm that shoots biodegradable sparkles! She made it to prove that it’s possible to build a positive spin onto any difference “to make it awesome — not that it wasn’t already awesome.”

Jordan and her mom started a non-profit called Born Just Right with the goal of giving limb different kids a chance to build their own creations to enhance their individually unique differences. Jordan’s advice for their participants is:

  • Be yourself. “Because you being you is the best you you can be.”

  • Speak up: “Because what you have to say is really important and it can change your community in such an amazing way.”

  • Use your differences for good. “Because you never know what amazing things you can do with them.”

That’s advice we can all use!

Jordan and her mom have a book coming out on 4 June 2019 with Simon & Schuster called Born Just Right. Pre-order it now!

You being you is the best you you can be.
— Jordan Reeves

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