Isaya Yunge


Isaya Yunge, a Queens Young Leaders 2018 award recipient and unshakable optimist, is revolutionizing how Africans access academic scholarships and professional opportunities. His remarkably elegant solution: make certain that young people are aware of how many opportunities are out there.

Isaya Yunge is Founder and CEO of SomaApps Technologies, whose SomaApp helps young people find just the right job or academic opportunity for them. Isaya and his team understand that a lack of money need not stand in the way of reaching one’s educational and professional goals. So first, they curate hundreds of scholarships, grants, and internships, then they feed that information into the SomaApp. Finally, using smart algorithms that draw from the profile of each SomaApp user, they match individuals with fully funded opportunities worldwide that meet their criteria.

It used to be that many domestic and international scholarships and internships went unclaimed every year. Now thanks to SomaApp, Isaya and his team make certain that universities and businesses find the perfect candidates for them. Whether candidates are looking to study, attend a conference, or get a foot in the door of the perfect organization, SomaApp helps them find opportunities perfect for their skills and dreams. It’s a total Win-Win!

Since the beta version of SomaApp was launched in February 2017, 982 scholarships have been won and 756 jobs filled by young people from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. The SomaApps team even provides advice on how to write an award-winning essay. They’ve also added funded conference options to their SomaApp offerings because, as they say, you can’t stop learning once you’ve finished your degree or gotten a foot through the door.

Isaya Yunge is one of the many young African entrepreneurs working tirelessly to ensure that future generations have access to the information they need in order to fulfill their dreams. Through technology, and worldwide recognition, that is more possible now than ever before.

So much depends on reputation. Guard it with your life.
— Isaya Yunge

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