Jane Austen


British author, Jane Austen, was born 243 years ago this day. And she’s still trending! Why do her works continue to endure?

One reason is because Jane writes about real people with real problems from real dysfunctional families, like yours and mine. So her works resonate. She grapples with issues that are as relevant now as they were then, like why — or even if — women should marry, and to whom. Though from another place and time, we see ourselves in her characters; they're relatable.

But what makes Jane Austen truly stand out is the brilliance of her writing. She’s a master of dialogue. She’s more interested in painting a psychological portrait of her characters than in describing their superficial attributes. She peppers her books with subtle surprises such that each new reading is fresh. She is critical of life in the late 1700s, but observes it with humor too. Her tales are filled with irony.

Jane Austen’s works teach with deft realism as much about her era as they teach us about us today. They resonate, they’re relatable, they’re poignant, they’re relevant. In short, they #TurnHistoryOn! Little wonder Jane is featured on the UK’s 10-pound note. Big thanks to @KatieHagerty from London for nominating her!

It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.
— Jane Austen

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