Derick Omari


Prior to pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Ghana’s Ashesi University, Derick Omari had limited experience with computers and little appreciation of the power of computer literacy. But before he even graduated, Derick was transforming lives.

Derick didn’t set out to found an ed-tech start-up. His original aim was to find a solution to the issues of unemployment and lagging development in the community of Berekuso. He decided to root out the causes to these issues first.

“Our research indicated that most of the young adults in Berekuso were unemployed because they did not have any skill in IT,” he says. So like most successful entrepreneurs, once Derick understood the community’s real need, he had only to devise a way to fix it. The answer? Enable individuals to acquire basic computer literacy skills.

Founded in 2015, Tech Era trained 30 kids its first year. Its reach had expanded to 80 by 2018, when Derick received Britain’s Queens Young Leaders award. He and his team teach young people to use computers and solve problems with robotics. Derick hopes to reach more than 4,000 students in rural Ghana in the next three years and to establish 12 robotics clubs in high schools. More recently, Tech Era has further expanded to include skilling up the visually impaired.

Through Tech Era, Derick is helping to raise the next generation of IT professionals who will find innovative and effective solutions to global social problems.

But Derick hasn’t stopped there!

A talented musician, Derick also started the Berekuso Music Project, an after-school initiative that teaches Berekuso kids music and art. This project holds twins goal: it exposes kids to something they don’t get in school, while offering them skills that might serve them as a future sources of income.

Derick Omari, a young 20-something, has acknowledged his responsibility to make the lives of others better through positive social impact. His tech-ed initiative, Tech Era, is equipping underprivileged children with IT skills so they can experience, partake and excel in a digitized world. And he’s nurturing their humanity with music besides.

Be diligent.
— Derick Omari

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