Aubrey Stewart


As a boy, Aubrey Stewart experienced the pangs of poverty and violence everyday. But he did not let that stand in his way of his goal of bringing peace to his nation.

A natural leader, Aubrey Stewart founded the Youth Organization for Upliftment (YOU) in 2009 with the goal of motivating young Jamaicans to make a positive impact in their communities. Since then, YOU has run a number of campaigns, including Crime Out, a youth-led peace movement that empowers young people to speak out against violence and lead more peaceful lives. Today, YOU supports over 200 youth leaders. It was awarded the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in Youth Work and Community Service in in 2014.

Aubrey is also a country co-ordinator for the RuJohn Foundation, which provides educational tools to rural schools throughout Jamaica and select U.S. cities. In his role, he sources computers, school lunches, and sporting equipment for schools and students in needs.

But that’s not all! As chairman for the Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica, Aubrey organizes young people from across Jamaica to get involved in policy formation and decision making. He believes, and he teaches, that we can all achieve greatness if we set our minds to it.

In 2015, Aubrey had the honor of introducing a personal mentor, President Barack Obama, at a town hall meeting at Jamaica’s University of the West Indies. And in 2018, Aubrey was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II with the prestigious Queens Young Leaders award. The Queen’s Young Leaders Award, given to youth, aged 18-29, who have created significant and positive change in their communities.

Aubrey has certainly spurred positive change in his own community and nation and is a role model to young leaders around the world. And he has only just begun!

Not all things are perfect in my life, not all things are golden, but all things still remain possible.
— Aubrey Stewart

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