It’s like ‘Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls’ but for — and by — secondary school-aged students. Brilliant!
— Julie Gribble, founder, KidLit TV

Educators! Let’s shape the History Hero BLAST into something uniquely beneficial to your students and school…

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The History Hero BLAST was conceived and developed by former classroom teacher, teacher-trainer, and critically acclaimed author, Sarah Towle (M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University). Sarah is also the creator of Time Traveler Tours: interactive story-based history apps and guides for cities and cultural institutions in a mash-up of Horrible Histories and Pokémon Go!

With the History Hero BLAST, Sarah puts the Story back in History, bringing a fictional flair to factual tales of inspirational figures from around the world and throughout time.


A blog and future podcast, Sarah welcomes the participation of published and aspiring authors, including young writers. From nominating your #HistoryHero to contributing a blog post to being the expert interviewed on the podcast, the History Hero Blast invites us to #MakeHistoryTogether and highlights that history is being made all around us, sometimes even by us, every day — that it’s not just for textbooks, a thing of dust and cobwebs, but is a…

Let’s Make History a Blast!

By curating and editing author and student guest contributions for the History Hero BLAST, Sarah ensures that all stories are fact-checked and verified, making the HHBLAST the perfect companion for humanities, social studies, and history course curricula for home-schoolers, secondary schools, and undergraduate institutions, alike.

Sarah is available for library and school visits.