Join the movement to put STORY back in History!

Immerse your students in History, while developing life-long research and creative writing skills.

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History Hero BLAST is an interdisciplinary project-based History-slash-creative-writing mash-up facilitated by award-winning teacher and storyteller, Sarah Towle, that celebrates diversity and inclusion. It is capturing the imaginations of schools and students worldwide. Sarah has cracked the code to getting teens and tweens hyped up about History: She takes them there — through storytelling.

Their storytelling.

Sarah starts by engaging young people in hands-on research about a figure of interest to them: someone who has already made a contribution to humanity or is making positive change right now; someone they find inspirational.

She then guides them through the creative writing process to bring the story of their History Heroes to life in uplifting BLASTs of creative non-fiction that put STORY back in History and make historical exploration fun.


Sarah’s mission is to make History a BLAST so that no young person says, “History is boring,” ever again.

A Full* Program Series Includes:

  1. A free online meeting with Sarah to introduce you, and any colleagues, to the program mission and goals and to brainstorm how to tailor workshops to best meet the needs of your students and school.

  2. A series of five workshops with Sarah—on location or online—that guide students in choosing and researching a #HistoryHero, then harnessing their knowledge to draft, revise, edit, submit, and publish their creative nonfiction story BLASTs.

  3. A souvenir eBook compiling and celebrating all class or school #HistoryHero BLASTs so that the work of one becomes the mastery of many.

*Partial and customized programs are also available.


Your students' creations might even be selected for publication on the #HistoryHero BLAST blog — the perfect addition to any College or University application — just sayin!

Let’s Make History Together! Let’s Make History a BLAST!

It’s ‘Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls’ but for — and by — secondary school-aged students. Brilliant!
— Julie Gribble, founder, KidLit TV

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History Hero BLAST is the brainchild of former English Language and Literacy teacher, teacher-trainer of the Writer’s Workshop Method as well as award-winning author of works for educational tourism and seven-year director of the Young Authors’ Fiction Festival. educator and storyteller, Sarah Towle (M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University). With History Hero BLAST, Sarah puts STORY back in History, bringing a fictional flair to factual tales of inspirational figures from around the world and throughout time. Her BLASTs reveal that history isn’t just for textbooks. a thing of dust and cobwebs, but is being made all around us every day — sometimes even by us.

More than just another resource that teaches teens and tweens about history, History Hero BLAST encourages young writers to highlight the hiStories the textbooks and curricula leave out. Sarah Believes that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, you should see yourself reflected in the people who have made your home, community, region, nation, and world a place worth living. History Hero BLAST teaches research and writing sills while also celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Sarah ensures that all BLASTs are fact-checked and verified, making the #HistoryHero BLAST program and website the perfect companion for English, humanities, social studies, and history course curricula for secondary schools, undergraduate, and home-schoolers institutions, alike.

Let’s Make HistoryTogether! Let’s Make History a BLAST!

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