His Story. Her Story. Their Story. OUR Story.


History Hero BLAST brings us together, from across the nations, to interact with history, story, and each other, while also honoring and memorializing the positive ties that bind us.

It’s a history/creative-writing mash-up that puts the Story back in history to reveal that History isn’t just for textbooks and school, but is alive, is being made all the time, all around us.

That it is even being made by us.

History Hero BLAST remembers and celebrates men and women, the world over and throughout time, whose contributions helped make us who we are — or wish to be. The BLAST honors those individuals — from the anonymous to the famous, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from yesteryear to today — who point the way toward who we may yet become as people, cultures, and nations.

History Hero BLAST is fun — a global community of diverse peoples, cultures, colors, and faiths connected through storytelling.

History Hero BLAST invites students and authors from around the globe to engage with history and culture — and each other — by nominating — or better yet, writing about — a figure from any place and time who models heroism* for them. The sum total of all stories, archived on this site, are OUR stories. They reveal the very best of us, reflected back to us from the past. They include us. They inspire us. They instruct us.

*For some thoughts on what ‘heroism’ might mean, click here.

More than just another resource that teaches young people about history, the History Hero BLAST includes in making history by highlighting the heroes the textbooks forgot.
— Sarah Towle, Founder